About Meeting with Japan

学問に近道なし。Gakumon ni chikamichi nashi. There is no shortcut to scholarship. -- 日本のことわざ

"Felicity, not fluency of language, is a merit." -- E.P. Whipple

Meeting with Japan is about the journey of experiencing Japan via language primarily, but also culture. During the course of this journey, the approach is simple: I do not strive for perfection, nor fluency, but felicity.

As it turns out, felicity takes "hard" work. Thankfully, learning languages brings joy.

Since all the answers to all the questions in the world are not mine to possess, I make no claims at being a language-learning prodigy. I am not. Therefore, I look forward to exchanging ideas, experiences, and knowledge with whoever should pass through these parts.

My name is Ronnie Ledesma, and I'm a language learner like you (you speak at least one language you enjoy to one degree or another). I'm married with seven beautiful children for whom I'm the promised guardian. I live in Sacramento, CA and work as a marketing professional, providing specialized services and training for micro-businesses and mom and pop shops. I'm a dreamer, a lover of peoples and their cultures, and relentlessly hopeful.


I always respond to tweets. Can't say that for email so much. So, please, tweet me at @RonnieLedesma.


Feel free to share and use all and any content on this blog as you see fit (not that you'll want to or that there's anything here that's worthy, but just in case).

If you'd be so kind to link back to posts or cite me as the source, I'd appreciate it much. If you don't... oh, well, life goes on. 

To be perfectly clear: I hereby waive all claim of copyright on this work. It may be used or altered in any manner without attribution or notice to me.

And in case you're wondering why, here's why -- and I feel the same. Cheers.